Privacy Policy

Getter Group Ltd. (the “Company”) respects the privacy of its customers and the privacy of users of the Company’s website at hereinafter: the “Website

This document describes the privacy policy used on the Website and, inter alia, the way the company uses information collected
from users of the site

By continuing to browse this site, you consent to this policy and to gather personal information about you under this policy, as set out below


When using and browsing the Site, the Company collects information, including personal information (the “Information Collected”). The information collected includes: name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name (if applicable), cookies, login and departure time, duration of the site, IP address

The use of information

The Company will use information collected only under this Privacy Policy or the provisions of any law to transmit to you marketing content and advertising on the Company’s products and services, including offers, promotions, discounts, etc. Such content may be transmitted to you via email, telephone or ads that will be displayed on websites you may visit

Providing information to a third party

The Company may transfer the information collected to service providers who provide the Company with marketing and advertising services, to assist these providers to transmit marketing and advertising content to users of the Website, as well as to companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn to display marketing and advertising content on these companies’ sites

In addition, the Company will not pass on the information collected to third parties, except in the cases set out below

In the event of a legal dispute between you and the Company, as may be required in connection with dealing with such dispute

if the Company sells or transfers the site activity to any third party in any form – or if the company merges with another company or merges the site activity with the activities of a third party

As required by law


The Company’s website uses cookies. Cookies are files downloaded to the device from which you browse the site (computer, smartphone, etc.) and which store various types of information on your device, including to collect data about the use of the website, to show you relevant marketing content or advertisements on the site. And other websites, to verify details, to tailor the site to your personal preferences and information security needs

Modern browsers include the option of avoiding cookies and deleting downloaded cookies on the device. If you do not know how to do this, check the help file of the browser you are using

Third-party advertisements

The Company permits other companies 聽(advertising companies, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.) to display advertising and marketing content relating to the company on such company sites. To that end, the company transmits the information collected to these companies. The use these companies make of personal information is governed by their privacy policy –聽Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

Privacy Policy Changes

The Company may, from time to time, change the privacy policy provisions. In the event of such change, the Company will display the updated policy on this site. We recommend that you update our Privacy Policy from time to time

Right to browse information

You, or anyone on your behalf, may review information about you contained in the Company’s database and may also ask the Company to correct or delete this information if it is incorrect, complete, clear or up to date. You can contact us about this as well as any questions regarding this policy, as follows


Address: 7 Samson St., Kiryat Arie, PO Box 3901, Petah Tikva 4952706

Each contact with the company must include your full contact details, including mailing address and email address

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